Title Variants: Translated: Code international de nomenclature zoologique. Uniform: International code of zoological nomenclature. Ti:i) 35 Y TIIH X V I N ‘1 1 ^ K H A’] ^1 C) ]\ A, L CO N’ G R EB^ 01 CODE INTERNATIONAL de NOMENCLATURE ZOOLOGIQUE adopte par le XVe CONGRES. Publisher London: International Trust for Zoological Nomenclature, Rev. ed. of: Code international de nomenclature zoologique/adopté par le XVe Congrès.

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Stoll undertook a careful study of the draft and its source material. Words formed as arbitrary combinations of letters, e. A named family, objectively defined by its type-genus; thus intenrational nominal family muscidae is always the one to which its nominal type- genus, Musca, belongs.

Action of first reviser. It exists because the practice of zoologists in regard to them is not sufficiently uniform to permit the formulation of rules covering them at this time.

clde Les references telle s que A 7, D21c, E9, etc. An author’s name dw never be so abbreviated that confusion with other authors’ names will be caused.

The standard of reference for determining the precise application of a zoological name [Art. Noms du groupe-espece formes sur des noms modernes de personnes. The prefix suh- should be used in combination only with a Latin noun or adjective.

Dispositions generales, — a Types des taxa du groupe-genre.

Lorsque la stabilite de la nomenclature est menacee dans un cas particulier, la stricte application du Code pent etre suspendue, nmenclature des conditions specifiees, par la Commission Internationale de Nomenclature Zoologique.

A mythological name that is not of classical origin should be given a Latin termination. Des Noms Utilisables V.

Biodiversity Heritage Library

The requirement of equivalence thus improved the clarity of both texts. Concerning each provision, each clause frequently down to single wordsand their interrelationships with other parts of the Code, there occurred free and frank exchange of ideas before present statements were considered acceptable. For subsequent monotypy, see Article 69a ii 2.

  IEC 60076-5 PDF

Baer of the Permanent Committee of the Inter- national Congresses of Zoology, who presented the desirabihty of such a meeting to the International Union of Biological Sciences, a grant of Swiss francs was made available to help defray travel expenses of the French and American members to a London meeting. Of a name or word, that it is either Latin or ancient Greek [Art.

Code international de nomenclature zoologique

It was frequently found that a direct translation from French into English, or from English into French, could not be made without producing divergence of meaning or of emphasis between the two. One that is a junior homonym.

Its application, however, under conditions specified in the Code, may be moderated to preserve a long-accepted name in its accustomed meaning. A name consisting of three words, the generic name, the specific name, and the subspecific name, which together con- stitute the scientific name of a subspecies. The generic name is replaced by the new name B-us and the interantional name by b-idae. Chester Bradley iv Introduction: The correct name for a given taxon ; a taxon may have several available names, but only one of those intrrnational most frequently the oldest is the valid name [Art.

Men recognized no com- pelling principles to guide them in the application of names.

Les noms geographiques latins utilises par les auteurs romains ou medievaux devraient etre preferes aux formes plus modernes, p. II devrait entrer en rapport avec I’autre zoologiste ou avec ses representants et ne se considerer comme libre d’etablir le nouveau taxon que si cet autre zoologiste ou ses representants ne I’a ont pas fait a I’expiration d’un delai suffisant non inferieur a un an. Names ending in certain Latin nouns in -us are feminine e.

Les titres et les exemples ne font pas partie du texte reglementaire. It was in that year the Swedish naturalist Carolus Linnaeus who was ennobled in as Carl von Linne brought out the 10th edition of his Systcma Naturae.

Ce sent en general les italiques qui sent employees, p. L Recommandations generates Espece nommee, objectivement definie par son specimen-type.


Article 19, Statut des emendations et des erreurs.

Details – Code international de nomenclature zoologique / – Biodiversity Heritage Library

Un mot deja employe comme nom d’un taxon superieur au groupe-famille ne devrait pas etre choisi comme nom nouveau dans le groupe-genre ou dans le groupe-espece. When the description of a new taxon is not written in English, French, German, Italian, or Latin, it should be accompanied by a translation into one of those languages.

Replacement of rejected homonyms. Latreille, ou d’une autre maniere distinctive, mais non comme Cancer pagurus Latreille, ni comme Cancer pagurus, Latreille.

While the Report was not available in its entirety in mimeographed form at the time, it received thorough discussion, was here and there amended, and approved by the Colloquium, It was then transmitted to and approved by the Commission at a special meeting, and in turn submitted by the Commission to the Section on Nomenclature of the Congress.

There were the excellent early codes of Strickland in Great Britain, nomebclature DaU in America, brought into being by the actions respectively of the British and American Associations for the vii viii Introduction Advancement of Science; national codes were adopted by the Societe Zoologique de Franceand ce the Deutsche Zoologische Gesellschaft ; the Douville code for the naming of fossils was adopted by the International Geological Congressand the “A.

These were studied in turn by the Editorial Committee, and for the most part found amenable to editorial decision. Le type de tout taxon, une fois fixe conformement aux dispositions du Code, n’est pas sujet a changement, sauf par exercice des pleins pouvoirs de la Commission [Art.